Craving for a Unique Dining Experience? Nothing can Beat a delicious meal on a Private Dinner Cruise in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a paradise to those who fantasize about a private dinner cruise onboard while making their way  through calm waters sparkling with moonlight. Amsterdam is a town characterized by a network of dreamy canals. Along their banks are situated some of the most famous restaurants in the town. If, you haven’t enjoyed your meal from one of these eateries which serve right into your boat, your visit to the city wasn’t complete.

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private dinner cruise amsterdam
Dining table on our private boat

Why Book a Private Dinner Cruise in Amsterdam?

Having dinner on board with a partner or with a group of buds while cruisings peacefully above the serene waters will give you a unique dining experience; the one you’ll cherish for the years to come. Besides, town’s most popular eateries are situated on the canals. So, if you are looking to admire the real taste of the town, hiring a personal boat and having a hearty meal onboard would be a great idea.

What Do We Offer in Our Private Dining Experience

We, at Amsterdam Private Boat are committed to ensuring highly luxurious dinners onboard to our boarders. Our Undine boat is a monumental private cruise with a rich historic background. So, it will provide you with an ambiance unmatched by any other private cruise. It can host not more than 5 individuals. Here is what you will experience in a dinner on Undine;

  • Guests can order a 2 course, 3 course or 4 course dinner. For 2 course, the minimum boarding duration must be 120 minutes, and for 3 or 4 course it should be a minimum of 180 minutes.
  • On board you have the option to select from variety of restaurants on the canals. It is even possible to can select from two restaurants and if you are ordering 3 or 4 course meal you can select from more than 2 eateries as well.
  • A welcome drink will be served as you step onboard which is complementary. Besides, we have a minibar as well with a variety of drinks including wines, soft drinks and hot beverages.
  • Route of the boat is such that you get an opportunity to see very popular areas in the town including the Seven Bridges, the red light district, and Anne Frank Museum.

private dinner cruise amsterdam
Unique dining experience in our Amsterdam canal boat


How Much Does a Private Dinner Cruise in Amsterdam Cost?

The minimum price of a 2 hours cruise is 430 EUR excluding food. If you are ordering 2 course dinner, estimated cost per person with available restaurant menus can be between 35 to 50 EUR per head. It will be higher for a 3 course dinner or a 4 course dinner. Besides, drinks you can have drinks from the minibar. We offer organic wines, beers, tea and coffee. However, if you prefer something special, you can tell us beforehand and we will make sure you get your favorite drink on board.

How to Book a Private Dinner Cruise?

To hire your private cruise today, book online or get in touch with us in case of additional questions.


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Order a la carte from our local restaurants located in the Amsterdam canals


Restaurants located on the canal will serve the food on board